Khan Academy, The Rotarian
December 2012

Salman “Sal” Khan is the complete package. A New Orleans native with three degrees from MIT, a Harvard MBA, and a gift for communicating complex ideas without dumbing them down, he personifies the skills that translate to wealth and success in high-tech Silicon Valley, his home.

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Going Pro: The Bumpy Road to Segue Cellars, Wines & Vines
May 2007

In Part I of a three-part series, a sandlot winemaker tries out for the big leagues.  

I knew I was in trouble. I was a man with graying hair who had just come through a health crisis. Some people might turn to a Porsche Carrera, hair plugs, Botoxing their frown lines or taking up bungee-jumping, but all I cared about at the moment, standing in the pouring rain high on a narrow aluminum catwalk suspended across an open-top fermenter that held 10,000 pounds of mashed grapes, was summoning the strength to press down again on the solid cap of skins, seeds and fruit pulp, more than a foot thick, that formed a tight, cement-hard seal above the juice.

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Part 2: Seeking The Perfect Blend

Part 3: The First Sales Call

Two Hundred Buck Chuck, Salon 
May 2006  


Cult Cabs like Napa's Screaming Eagle now sell for hundreds of dollars a bottle. Are they worth their high tariff, or are we swallowing vintage hype?

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Secrets of the Sommeliers, San Francisco Chronicle
May 2006

To the casual observer it probably looks like a friendly chat between dining customer and restaurant employee. There's all that nodding and smiling going on, a lot of polite questioning and answering as fingers point to various printed items in a leather-bound wine list as thick as a telephone directory. Up close, however, it often feels more like a combat zone.

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Under the Radar, San Francisco Chronicle
March 2006

If the bejeweled, pampered, and exquisitely groomed Cabernet Sauvignons of Napa Valley gathered at a posh bash to celebrate one another's latest rave reviews, and in walked Napa Zinfandel, the festivities would come to a screeching halt....

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San Quentin Straight Talk, The Rotarian
April 2010

Felix is really getting up into Ernesto’s business. He and Stone have been working Ernesto for the past 15, 20 minutes, a time span that probably seems more like 20 hours to Ernesto. He’s 17, mammoth, weighing in at 250 plus pounds, solid as a concrete bulwark, black hair slicked straight back. Four seats away, Tatiana, Ernesto’s mother, watches him intensely as he lowers his head, blinks rapidly, and stares down at his shoes. He is beginning to blubber.

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