Author Stephen Yafa, who lives in Mill Valley, California, has written, produced and directed in a wide range of formats. Grain of Truth follows Cotton, his first non-fiction book.

A wine producer of Pinot Noir in the Russian River region of West Sonoma, he writes on wine for the San Francisco Chronicle and  other publications. He created and edited the iPad wine magazine, Uncorked for Nomad Publications and contributed the lead story in the recent non-fiction book, Adventures In Wine from Travelers Tales.

As a Hollywood screenwriter at MGM, Columbia, Paramount and other major studios he wrote the original screenplay, Three In The Attic, as well as movies for Michael Douglas among other actors and producers. 

As a novelist he wrote Paxton Quigley's Had The Course, and as a playwright his work as been produced nationally at theaters including ACT in San Francisco, the Magic Theater, and on public television, as well as  other venues; as a journalist he has been a frequent contributor to Playboy, Rotarian and magazines that include Details, American Heritage and Rolling Stone.

He is also video producer, and was formerly executive producer and director of the Digital Story Center. A graduate of Dartmouth College, with a Master of Fine Arts from Carnegie-Mellon, he is married with three grown children.