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Oliveto Commons Event at Oliveto Restaurant and Cafe, Oakland

In addition serving fabulous Italian food at landmark Oliveto in Oakland, Bob Klein now hosts a new series, Oliveto Commons, every few months. This gathering is his way of reaching out to  offer vibrant, inclusive, and real food experiences that take an audience inside the process as active participants.  I'm honored to be chosen as the featured speaker and to explore the journey that lead to  Grain of Truth . My new book delves into the artisan grain community that Klein is fostering through Community Grains. It separates myths about gluten from facts, explains the benefits of sourdough long fermentation, especially for gluten-sensitive individuals, and gives us back our daily bread. I'm being joined by master baker Craig Ponsford, the whole-wheat wizard behind  Ponsford's Place.  You'll sample his mouth-watering  offerings and learn why he is so devoted to using 100 % whole wheat flour for all of his baked goods, and nothing but.