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Meal or menace? No controversy in nutrition is bigger than wheat.

First Wheat Belly came along to tell us the grain was a one-way ticket to obesity, diabetes and chronic illness. Then Grain Brain chimed in by proclaiming wheat responsible for early Alzheimer’s Disease and a host of other mental disorders.  These mega-sellers paint  wheat as the new asbestos. But the story they neglect to tell is that when it is grown and processed the right way, wheat adds essential nutrients and fiber to our diet. The right way includes long sourdough fermentation, which breaks down the gluten molecules that give some of us problems.

Grain of Truth explains how and why that happens, and a whole lot more. By taking us through the botany of the wheat plant we’ve hijacked for our own use and simplifying the science of nutrition and digestion,  Yafa shows why mass production —not wheat itself— may jeopardize our health. Refined processing converts the best part of the wheat kernel to animal feed, and sells us the least nutritious remainder. In direct contrast, Yafa takes us inside the local artisan grain baking revolution  from a Woodstock-like Kneading Conference to nutrition labs to a boutique bakery and pasta maker‘s workshop in Brooklyn to present an alternative  whole-food approach that points us towards a better, richer diet.

Smoothly blending science, history, biology, economics, nutrition, Grain of Truth gives us back our daily bread.