Stephen Yafa, Author and Speaker

Grain of Truth

Meal or menace? No controversy in nutrition is bigger than wheat.

First Wheat Belly  came along to tell us the grain was a one-way ticket to obesity, diabetes and chronic illness. Then Grain Brain chimed in by proclaiming wheat responsible for early Alzheimer’s Disease and a host of other mental disorders.  These mega-sellers paint  wheat as the new asbestos. But the story they neglect to tell is that when it is grown and processed the right way, wheat adds essential nutrients and fiber to our diet. 

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Whether you're eating ice cream, changing diapers, handling paper money, polishing fingernails, reading a book, or getting dressed for the day you're using cotton. At any given time everyone on earth is wearing or using something made with cotton. 

 In COTTON: The Biography of a Revolutionary Fiber author Stephen Yafa explores the extraordinary range of imagination and ingenuity required to convert a fluffy mass of fiber into a substance of unbelievable versatility. 

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Going Pro: A Mid-Life Segue

In Part I of a three-part series, a sandlot winemaker tries out for the big leagues.  

I knew I was in trouble. I was a man with graying hair who had just come through a health crisis. Some people might turn to a Porsche Carrera, hair plugs, Botoxing their frown lines or taking up bungee-jumping, but all I cared about at the moment, standing in the pouring rain high on a narrow aluminum catwalk suspended across an open-top fermenter that held 10,000 pounds of mashed grapes, was summoning the strength to press down again on the solid cap of skins, seeds and fruit pulp, more than a foot thick, that formed a tight, cement-hard seal above the juice.

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