Local Organic Grain & Flour Sources

Heirloom wheat grain varieties, some ancient, sometimes show up on grocery store shelves, but rarely are those products locally grown. These regional producers offer a fresh alternative. Websites are listed for mills that sell flour directly to consumers.

New England:

Maine Grains, located at Somerset Grist Mill—a former county jail—stone-grounds locally grown and sourced, non-pesticide grains. Online ordering “coming soon” at www.mainegrains.com/products.

Aurora Mills and Farm also grows and mills only Maine grains.

Green Mountain Flour in Vermont produced stone ground flours, cracked grains, porridges and mixes that include wheat, spelt, rye and triticale.

Pioneer Valley Heritage Grain CSA in western Massachusetts directly connects farmers and customers.

Wheatberry Bakery, owned by Ben and Adrie Lester, helped create the Pioneer Valley CSA and garnered a USDA grant for sustainable community development.

King Arthur Flour, Vermont-based and founded in 1790, proves that a large milling company can maintain high quality in its product selection and a true sense of community. Its website offers e-commerce, education, instruction, tips and techniques in its blog section. Order at www. kingarthurflour.com

New York:

North Country Farms uses two granite stones to produce flours and mixes from locally grown grains. Kevin Richardson runs the operation.

Farmer Ground Flour is stone-milled by Greg Mol from Thor Oeschner’s local, organic hard red winter and spring wheats at including fabled Warthog in the Finger Lakes region. 

Wild Hive’s pioneering Don Lewis stone-mills the organic grains he has revived in the Hudson Valley.


Daisy Mill, in Pennsylvania, mills organic pastry flour sourced locally. 


Lonesome Stone Milling is a stone mill for organic grains in Wisconsin. Order at www.lonesomestonemilling.com

Great River Organic Milling, also in Wisconsin, employs two great granite wheels and offers sixteen whole grain single-source flours and blends. Order on Amazon.

Windmill Flour uses an actual Dutch windmill to mill Michigan wheat.

Heartland Mill stone grinds organic Turkey Red in the High Plains of west  Kansas. Order at www.heartlandmill.com


Carolina Ground stone-grinds North Carolina grains. Order at carolinaground.com/flourshop/

Anson Mills is where Glenn Roberts runs an ambitious and influential local-grain program in South Carolina, focuses on heirloom antebellum varieties. Order at www.ansonmills.com/products.html


Einkorn.com, Teton , Idaho. Jade Doyle grows more einkorn than anyone in the country, about 150,000 pounds annually on 150 acres. He sells its berries and will soon mill and sell einkorn flour directly to consumers. He offers a comprehensive breakdown of einkorn’s high nutritional content,  also its history as a plant  and its digestibility as a grain on his informative website. Einkorn , says Doyle, makes by far the fastest, best sourdough starter of any wheat.

Fairhaven Organic Flour Mill in western Washington state, owned by Kevin and Matsuko Christenson. Mills offers a variety of local organic grains

Bluebird Grain Farms, also in Washington, offers certified organic heirloom grains from plow to package, including ancient emmer, or farro. Order at www.bluebirdgrainfarms.com/retail-products.html

Camas Country Mill in Oregon, owned by Tom Hunton, uses a Danish stone-mill system to make flours from grains grown in Oregon’s Willamette Valley.

Community Grains, owned by Bob Klein, markets Joseph’s Best organic whole wheat flour under its own label. It is the only  direct-to-consumer source. Order its range of local-grain products at www.communitygrains.com

Central Milling, in Petaluma, owned by Keith and Nicky Giusto, is one of the nation’s largest and most reliable stone-ground millers of organic flour, providing Whole Foods and other specialty retailers with private label products from wheat grown in mostly in Utah. It also sells directly to the public from its website. Highly recommended. Order at http://centralmilling.com/collections/all


One Degree Organic Foods, in Vancouver, sells a variety of heritage grains like Red Fife grown by small organic farmers from Maple Leaf to Germany to Java, including sprouted whole wheat.  You can’t order direct, but a map of the U.S. on the site directs you to retailers in your area that carry One Degree’s products. Visit https://www.onedegreeorganics.com

This listing is my expanded and revised version of the original www.culminate.com sidebar to an article, “Flour to the People” written by Amy Halloran, published 10/17/13,

Heritage Grain & Flour Sources

A small sampling of ancient grain growers and millers. Be aware that the term “farro” can create confusion. It commonly refers to emmer, but it is also used by some millers to describe einkorn and spelt as well, since farro is the Italian word for all three ancient hulled wheats. Order directly from websites.

The Heritage Grain Conservancy in Colrain, Massachusetts, under Eli Rogosa’s leadership, operates a farm where she and her staff grow and sell ancient einkorn as well as heritage varieties including Black Winter Emmer. Visit www. growseed.org.

Jovial Foods, located in Connecticut, produces a wide range of einkorn and other products from small growers in Italy. Visit www.jovialfoods.com.

Cayaga Pure Organics in upstate New York is one of the few growers of emmer—better known as farro—in the United States. Visit www.cporganics.com.

Small Valley Milling in central Pennsylvania, operated by Elaine and Joel Steigman, mills organic spelt, the third ancient hulled grain. Visit www.smallvalleymilling.com .

Bluebird Grain Farms grows an abundance of emmer. See above. It also produces “einka farro”—whole grain einkorn flour. Visit www.bluebirdgrainfarms.com.

Kamut is the trademarked brand name for khorasan wheat, heritage tetraploid wheat subspecies high in antioxidant selenium.  Bob Quinn offers a complete history and much more, including product and source information in six languages at www.kamut.com

Hayden Flour Mills in Tempe, Arizona, owned by Jeff Zimmerman, grows and stone-grinds white Sonora Whole Wheat Flour among other heritage grains including farro and sells them on his online store. Visit www.haydenflourmills.com